Designing Smart Green Homes that can withstand Hurricanes, Floods and Fires

These homes are built with structural foam panels, inter-connected with mesh, and finished with a super-strong concrete mix.

Also known as SCIP buildings (Structural Concrete Insulated Panels)




Disaster Proof

Energy Efficient

High Green Rating


Low Maintenance

How it Works:

The lightweight structural foam pre-cut panels are easy to ship and reassemble.

Once they arrive at the site, they are connected with meshes to form the house. 

The final concrete coat is applied, a roofing membrane and final stucco coating for the walls can be applied.

Interior walls can be constructed with metal studs and drywall.

What People say:

Rod Hadrian - Owner Tridipanel, Carlsbad, CA

Working with Studio RMA is a blessing. They know how to design with the panels. How to do the Engineering. And how to keep the design on budget. I especially recommend them for re-builds in disaster prone areas

Wendell Rahorst - Owner-Builder, Newport, OR

I am building a panel house myself and pleased with the support I get from Studio RMA. They know their stuff. They help me out in the field if need be, and run me through the details, often with 3D images, so I know exactly what to do. Highly recommend them!

Beth Buczynski -Editor Inhabitat, NY, NY

Using only Tridipanel structural concrete insulated panels, Robert Mechielsen of Studio RMA designed a breathtaking two-family dwelling on Hawaii's Big Island.
Called Hi’ilani EcoHouse, the home is the first carbon-neutral concrete structure in the USA


Denning Powell - Owner, Kalopa, HI

The design was a real challenge: our ridge top is long and skinny, the subsurface is a mix of hard and crumbly rock, and we wanted maximum exposure to three beautiful views. Robert (Studio RMA) developed a beautiful open floor plan which maximized these views. He also conducted a site investigation with a local civil engineer to find the proper bedrock to build on, and created cantilevered SCIP decks as an economic alternative to expensive site geologic modifications. This kept the project within our financial means.


Edgar Figueroa - GCT & Carmelo CEO, San Juan, PR

The 2017 hurricane season has been disasterous for our Caribbean Islands. I am grateful to say though that the homes built prior to 2017 with our GCT panels all have survived. I look forward to continued work with Studio RMA on rebuilding our beautiful Islands.

Next Steps

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