Modular Concrete Homes

Studio RMA's Modular Concrete Homes arrive in pre-cut panels made of structural foam with wire mesh attached. The panels are inter-connected on-site forming the house which is sprayed off with a concrete layer.

Since the same material is used for roof and wall, the result is a monolithic concrete structure able to withstand hurricane-force winds. At the same time, the foam centered in the middle keeps the home efficient to heat and cool. The entire structure can be detailed off with Non-Toxic Finishes.

Savings on concrete-usage vs traditional concrete or block wall concrete are about 60%. The concrete mix uses only 7% cement, new binders make the concrete bullet-proof.


These Modular Homes can also be fitted on piles for flood-prone areas and beach and riverbanks.


Studio RMA designs the house in such manner that all parts can be easily shipped. We are experienced working in remote locations. The advantage of the rigid foam panel is its ease of shipping and transport.

For those areas where finished concrete pre-cast are too costly to ship, these Modular Concrete Homes are a cost-efficient solution to build a climate change resistant home.