Studio RMA offers full Design-Build services for Luxury Carbon Neutral Homes to be constructed on Pacific and Caribbean Islands.

Top quality windows system for example might come from Germany and need to perfectly fit into the concrete SCIP frame of the home.

A certified wood kitchen fitting the owners wishes might be procured from Europe and fiited with european equipment, all connection details need to be carefully designed and build. 

Exclusive woods and stone and tile materials can be procured  worldwide. Our in-house logistics monitors via radio frequency trackers location and delivery of all the products required for the project.

Laser scanning technology ensures at all utility connections in the pre-fabricated components and those build on site are digitally checked prior to arrival on Island. 

Custom and Bio Pools, a Swiss Spa product where plants, microbes and computer technology sanitize the pool water without chlorine or salts, as swimming in a fresh lake, can be designed and integrated into the designs.

Building a luxury Carbon Neutral  Home on a Remote Island is complex and requires tight integration of design, engineering, material sources, pre-fabricated components and on-site labor. Having all this orchestrated by one responsible party of is key to success in construction and budget control.