About us

Studio RMA, founded by Robert Mechielsen, is known for its smart use of Structural Concrete Insulated Panels (SCIP

We design climate-resistant homes, ranging from small lot designs to off the grid luxurious homes in remote locations.   

One of its latest designs the Hi'ilani Ecohouse can host 120 people for fundraisers, park 60 cars.

The house features a music stage, a full media room, and an elaborate kitchen with dual dishwashers, dual refrigerators, freezers, etc. All operated 100% Carbon Neutral.

The 'know how' obtained over the years is put in our own 3-D computer modeling program.

This allows us to rapidly design SCIP homes for many budgets and support a growing DIY community of SCIP panel builders.   

We currently design in

  • The Caribbean
  • Florida
  • The South
  • The SouthWest
  • The Pacific Area
  • Hawaii

How we Work

Our main studio is in Las Vegas where we work with super efficient 3-D design programs to rapidly visualize your design.  You get a feel of the house the moment the first images come in your email. 

With your input we customize your house fully to your needs. Our system tracks the construction costs as design changes are made.

Our affiliated offices are located closer to your site in order to support site work, construction, and design-build support

  • Fresno, CA
  • Kona, HI
  • Pompano, Fl
  • Austin, TX
  • Costa Rica


Interview with Clients and Robert Mechielsen


How can we help?

Do you want a Custom Design?
We work with you to maximize your design dreams, fitting your lot, needs, and budget. Call/text us at +310 310-4042

Wanting a Starter Home?
Starting a Family? Start out with a Living/Master Bedroom module.  Add kid rooms, office and garage spaces as your family and budget grows. See our Modular Concrete Home Section

Handy? Want to build a SCIP home yourself?
We can assist you in any stage of your project. Additionally, we have construction videos on YouTube, details on Pinterest, Specifications, and Code reports on our special page for you

Building an entire Community?
We consult with Developers and Architects on working with SCIP.  Call us at  + 310 310-4042


Conceptual Design

After a site study we develop a Conceptual Design fitting your wishes

Eco Home Design

A SCIP home design with Solar and 100% Non Toxic Interior and Exterior

Carbon Neutral Design

A Luxurious SCIP home not requiring any utility connections


For our luxury Carbon Neutral Homes we can provode tailered design-build services

Work Experience

We design projects in the Pacific, USA, Caribbean and Europe. We can source materials worldwide.

SCIP Construction

We consult on SCIP to Owners and Developers of larger Projects up to 5 stories.

Latest projects

Carbon Neutral Home
Eco Home Design
Eco Home Design
Eco Home Design