3 thoughts on “SCIP Video: Sylvan EcoHouse Construction Walk-through

  1. I am interested to make a house 85×85, with a court yard 45×45. Builders are telling me they would charge me for court yard space, why ? But I can’t seem to find anyone to build me a concrete foam prefab house. Question is also price. I am now selling my house a and gettin ready to build. I pre drew to close scale my floor plan if someone wants to look at it and give me a rough price. Building in west palm beach Florida

    1. Hi Robert,
      I spoke to you at the beginning of the week about building a home on Prescott Valley AZ. I would appreciate if you could give me your most affordable price for a 1800 t0 2000 sq ft , home with 2 ,1/2 baths, 3 bedrooms, kitchen island and bar area, open concept, maximum view, 2 car garage. 8.8 walls okay. Water saving toilets. Fire proof for the area. Tight construction, and well Insulated for the area (35 to 40 f degree) . Set for maximum water harvesting, and grey water recycling. With rocket concrete stove instead of fire place. Rough finished walls okay. We are open for flat roof as long as water harvesting its maximized and roof could be used as terrace. I would like to know how much the right insulation thickness of panels would cost if I buy them myself, and the product name for the floor finishes
      Thank you for all the information you shared with me the other day., and for your kidness,
      Barbara Kinsey

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