What is a TridiPanel SCIP building

SCIP –Structural Concrete Insulated Panels are foam panels with wire meshes at each side connected by a metal space frame.

The pre-fabricated panels are connected to form the house, then sprayed off with a thin coat of cement mix which gives the structural strength.

When properly designed and engineered these Homes can withstand Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Fires. They are bullit-proof as well. 

The roof is finished with a acrylic membrane, such as Hydrostop, which is directly applied to the concrete skin. The roof can now be used to catch rainwater.

The interior walls can be finished with 100% Non-Toxic finishes based on lime-plaster, same as used in the Renaissance fresco's, and soy based concrete stains.

The pre-fabricated large window systems can now be installed in the SCIP home and it's time to enjoy the view, the house and relax. 


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