Magnolia EcoHouse, Florida

The location of the Magnolia EcoHouse, is on a on a peninsula point which jots out into Doctors Lake, JacksonVille. The lot is pie-shaped, with its side property lines fanning out towards a view over the lake. The design of the house reflects this ‘fanning out’.  Its two wings with their angles maximizing views to a 260 degree angles over the lake embrace the pool. 

The north wing of the house holds the kitchen and dining, with on the second floor guest quarters. An expansive deck leads the guests to a cantilevered view point over the lake. Under this deck is the kitchen, which opens up to an outdoor dining room with lake views. The south wing houses the living room and the master bedroom suite.

The home has an open floor plan with large sliding doors connecting the indoors with the outdoor dining area and the pool deck, creating one large indoor outdoor entertainment area.

The combination of these design elements reduces the demand of continuously operating air conditioning systems. Once the summer arrives, the sliders close, and the interior thermal mass of the house enhances the ‘cooling’, by storing cool air at night and releasing it during the hot hours of the day, creating a comfortable environment.

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