Off the Grid in Luxery

By designing a Carbon Neutral Homes it is possible to build extremely luxurious residences on spectacular remote mountain, coastline and islands locations.
These homes can be fully powered by solar arrays, water can be obtained via water catchment, wells and small solar desalination units. No utility hook ups are required on the building site.


Advanced electronics, security together with a hurricane and ballistic proof SCIP wall system will provide the safety of a fortress, kevlar netting can be attached to the concrete frame to protect glass walls and interiors from flying hurricane debris and vandalism.


Build with SCIP technology these homes in warmer climates can maximise tradewind airflows, and prevailing winds to capture nighttime chill store it its concrete shell to cool the house during the next hot day.


In colder and mountain climates daytime sun-warmth can be stored in the internal concrete thermal mass of the home while the high insulation factor of the SCIP building system allows for heating though geothermal energy solutions.

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