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Robert Mechielsen, founder of Studio RMA, a Dutch native, studied Architecture and Engineering at the Technical University in Delft, The Netherlands and at the Ecole d’Architecture, Beaux Arts, Paris, France. Robert can draw and sculpt, has a keen sense of Architectural Proportions, is a gifted Mathematician, and a scholar of Physics and Engineering.

Early in his career, Robert’s interest and focus were on making things work from Design to Execution. In his first Studio, located in Amsterdam, he designed homes, restaurants and movie sets for projects ranging in locations from the South of France to New York. To ensure that the projects were built according to the design and his vision, he had to travel extensively.

His New York connection resulted in a commission to work with Joseph C. Thompson and Tom Krens of the Guggenheim Museum for a design to open MASS MOCA. This project opened the door to more work in the USA.

New jobs in Hawaii and on the West Coast led Robert to Los Angeles, where he settled in Topanga Canyon, a hot-bed of screenwriters and special effects experts serving the nearby Malibu film community. Being introduced to the problems of making breakthrough digital special effects, his mathematical skills were set on fire and he developed digital codes for 3-D digital effects.

Robert decided to decline a high paid position at Industrial Light and Magic and stay with what he does well: Designing and developing solutions for high energy efficiency and carbon neutral designs. For Roger Staubach and Jack Nicklaus Bahamas-Royal Island Resort and other hotel projects he designed carbon neutral strategies.

His international work brought in commissions extending from renovations of the Amsterdam Opera House to design challenges such as the Ice Hotel in Lapland, Sweden.

Next to his design work, Robert became Director of Technologies for Carbon Neutral Technologies, BV a Dutch firm with focus on developing thermal batteries within structural concrete. Here he developed engineering and international patent strategy solutions, based for SCIP (Structural Concrete Insulated Panels) building technology.

The company’s Studio RMA meanwhile implemented Robert’s innovations to design a series of super-green homes with SCIP technology culminating in the Hi’ilani EcoHouse, the first Carbon Neutral Concrete Home built in the USA.

The construction of this unique house was supervised by Robert and turned Studio RMA into a Design-Build firm, which under its leadership, is now designing Carbon Neutral luxury homes for clients from the Pacific to the Caribbean.

Studio RMA also offers consultation services to Developers interested in using SCIP technology for construction of hurricane-resistant and energy efficient neighborhoods in the Caribbean, Pacific and South Eastern USA. (The cost of building with SCIP is comparable to the cost of concrete block building).

Innovation is the driving force in Robert’s life. His expertise evolved into the creation of ‘VERTIKAAL’, a USA Start-Up, with a focus on ‘smart urban development’.

VERTIKAAL’ proprietary software quickly configures new designs for Developers of mid and high rise buildings enabling rapid cost-estimating and early in the process value engineering, all while simultaneously validating financial feasibility. Using pre-designed modular building components generate novel Green Urban Solutions at a price competitive to traditional building methods.

Apart from his work with Studio RMA and VERTIKAAL, it is Robert’s mission to support Carbon Neutral initiatives, to share SCIP building technology via videos and to aid Rebuilding in Nature devastated and War torn Areas.

A sample of the rebuilding work:

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